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I’m sure every one of us has been screwed up by something. I’m sure everything that’s around you screws up you too in some point of time.

Life is no unique in that aspect, other than the fact that it screws the most at our worst timings. We have been screwing up our Life when we began understanding what it is. What’s life actually about? Why do people make a big fuss about this thing called “life”!

It’s a Class. We are all the objects if this class. I believe that there’s a single life in this Universe and we are all different instances of the same life!

Being a tiny object, experience it happily, positively and genuinely until the scope of it remains valid. Sitting idle might result in garbage collection, and you’d vanish. So, keep yourselves active. Work on different functions. Get in touch with other instances use the IDE (this platform) and get your connections stronger!

This is what I could get in my mind right now! lol

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