Dear Students,

After hearing today’s news from my college, I’m not sure what is happening in our generation. These suicides are so damn killing me. Not one, but three in just 60 days!

Any “devine” is never worthier than your life. [devine – usually called as divine]

Even the demise will be forgotten.

What’s forgotten is never a solution.

Speak Out Your Mind! We’re Open!

repeated suicides in 60 daysI have a lot to speak, but hearing this news, I just couldn’t control myself writing this down, hoping that someone will be helpful from this which can avoid suicides!

However, I know that the post may not be helpful for the ones who are no more. But to the others, this one is meant for you. I’m not sure what’s the actual cause of the incident in the college. But suicides among the college are becoming common nowadays. So, this is for everyone and not just my college.

I just grabbed myself up, to type in a few things which I get in my mind right now! There is no special talent required for this. Whoever you are, you are already having the capabilities to do the below. So, please…

If you are strong:

1. Do not ignore someone who is trying to express his feelings to you.

2. Do not forget to call back someone who has given you a missed call.

3. Do not underestimate a person’s thoughts and actions. Anyone can take any steps to do anything. You do not know what they undergo or capable of when they are silent.

4. Do give some time to add some values to your people around, every day. You can at least stay in touch with your juniors and help them out. This is how I manage my juniors and help them out.

5. Understand, you have the capacity to change anybody’s life. Please do it positively!

6. Even if you suspect someone being lonely and not expressing even a minimal, do take a step to keep them engaged and expressive.

If you are weak?

7. When you are feeling really down and irritated, call up your home. If parents are a problem, then call up your friend. Even if they are a problem, then call your teacher up. If they are also a problem, call anyone whom you trust. If you do not trust anyone, ping me –

8. Make sure, you are engaged with some work which will help in your growth.

9. There are people who love you and you cannot just keep yourselves isolated, away from them.

10. Keep documenting in anyways, where ever you feel. Private or Public, but keep writing it down. You can spend in buying a private notebook. Writing down your feelings, no matter what it is. Anger, Irritation, Happiness, Sorrow, Desperate, whatever it is, just write it down. Private or Public, it’s your wish.

Let the feelings come out of hands via the pen. Keeping it in does not only kill your time but also your self!suicides are never a solution Suiciding is a most daring act. If you could do such a thing, you are already courageous to face the world too!

Quick Step

Share this as much as possible, so that it helps some person out there!

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4 Replies to “Suicides | 10 Quick tips to avoid”

  1. The words must be use often “AM there for YOU ” is the best pills for someone’s depression.
    The one who is depressed don’t be reticent! Do share your thoughts.☺
    People.,Don’t be wordless ! keep “ENCOURAGING” others as much as you can and I hope the word “DISCOURAGE” will be soon idle .
    The 2 things must be followed.,
    1) SHARE your thoughts
    2) ENCOURAGE others
    On reading this bog my brain instruct the hand to share my thoughts.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us and please always keep motivating us anna as your doing now!☺

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