This Boy…. My inspiration is my Dad…  My Dad’s inspiration is this Boy… This is not a Boy!! This was a Boy!! 😛 Now…. The MAN… The real Legend of this world… ULAGANAYAGAN Parthasarathy,.. as called by his Mother…! Padma Shree Dr.Kamal Hassan 8)

Was it mine…? They took it away…!!

I just thought I got it the second time! When I got it after three months, I just felt awesome!! But I planned to party all day  ( Night actually 😛 ). When you actually expect something to happen and it doesn’t happen, you wait for it till the end, and finally you lose the

Hate you..! Confi Killer!!

“Hi., could you tell me the proxy of SRM Campus-wifi?” “Ya., It’s ###.##.#.2” “No man., it doesn’t get connected!” “OMG! I have no idea about i-phones. I’m Sorry” “Yup., got it connected!!” “Hmm., that’s

Who needs advice??

Yesterday, I had a talk with one of my Acquaintance. She was talking really in a very  casual manner. I asked if she had an exam. Then I asked for the subject, time and venue of the exam. She replied in a kind way. But then she said, “Philosophy!!”. I asked her if she likes