Celebrate the New Year?

This is not to hurt anyone or to point someone out. Just read and think about it! Somehow everyone’s 2015 sprinted and passed the baton to the next runner 2016. It’s a relay race, and., there is no such winning in every baton change! But you achieve something in every run and make a

Who is the Culprit An unknown mystery!

My Article was released in the December’15 Release of “Sudesamitran” by Thozhan Team. Here for you! After the Silent walk with Arappor Team, myself and my friends stayed back at the Besant Nagar beach and we had a lot of fun until the late evening tides started roaring. On the

Dad’s LOVE!

He asked me to call him after crossing Chengalpet. I knew that he was scared about the message that flooded across WhatsApp that the Chengalpet bridge is about to collapse. Lol! He asked to me innocently to call after reaching Chengalpet. But then what if something happens before calling..?? So he

It was Mukk’s B’Day!

16th Oct ’15 That was that fine day that i really felt to do something for this child. So I had to tell some cooked up stories to make this child believe and he did. I said to him that I have to go to Velacheri  as my Chithi called me home. I added up that