Great to get in touch once again with you all. This is something serious which I have been thinking to share. However, I wanted to practice to save water myself to boldly share it with you.

Here are the 8 micro ways in which I have started practising to save water:

Save & Provide

Store the containers when you have water and provide to someone who is in need of Water. Saving it when you have plenty is important not just for yourselves, but also for the others around you when they are in need of Water. A good deed when in need is your seed to succeed.

Hands under Tap

The tap should be used only when there is a need to wash your single hand or to fill a container. If you want to use two hands, then fill the mug with water and use the water from the Mug or else wash your hands one by one. You are blessed to have a tap over your hands. Many don’t.

Source of Force

Usually, we increase the force of water (open tap fully) to make sure that we wash thoroughly. I would suggest you give the Force from your hand and not from the Water. Bring the force from your self. Do not expect water to do it for you.

Alternate Bathing

Better to avoid showers when you bath. Also, pour water slowly from the top, instead of just pouring out in urgency. If you are a person who has no issues in not bathing for a day, then please keep yourselves a little consistent about bathing alternative days. Being consistency is important, in any aspect.

Ditch over Tap

Take water from Tap to fill the Mug. Use water from the Mug. Do you think that the Tap would feel ditched? It’s ok to hurt a nonliving thing to save living millions.

Wipe, not shower

Not what you think, this is for Cars or Bikes that you have. Do a dry cleaning or wipe it with a little water. If you think, you can dry clean, clean every day. Else, when you could think about taking bath alternative days, why not clean your car once in 3 days? When you eat dirt, keep dirt with you when you travel.

Water Plants

No matter how hard you strive to save water, provide some water for them to grow. You may have 1000 means to survive but they have you, only you. If you feel bad for not planting trees, at least assist them to grow!

Spend Water

For any person who reaches your home to serve you by any means, please ask willingly if they need water. Not once or twice, but thrice to confirm if they really do not need water. Most of them may hesitate to drink in front of you and refuse it two times, but the third time. Attempt twice more than now to get a Positive response.

If you find these possible to be implemented, please start doing it from now, right now!

What more do you think can be followed by me? Please leave your comments below. I will take a step towards your suggestions.

Thank you for spending your time here, now start saving water. The World needs your action from now. It’s better late than never!

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