I do keep an eye on all my juniors from the Day one, till date.

Being direct with you

I put in my 100% trust upon them, as such, I use to be blind. Some of them keep it up and some do lose it. I keep in touch with the people who are maintaining complete trust!

I love the process of their growth, which is all aligned to their ambition and career. So, I always keep getting a daily update on not only the projects but also on their personal thoughts and interests.

It helped me in learning a lot from their perspective. There is something that’s very fascinating about keeping up the growth of juniors in number. It is that year by year we see tremendous growth in the capacity of any newly joining fresher! Each and everyone inspires me with their uniqueness and motivates me with their talent, helping me to always love the process!

The Process

Yes, the process of keeping in touch with junior, by obtaining a daily update on what they undergo as a person.

Initially, it was so easy to keep in touch with me every junior daily. However, the number is increasing day by day and I’m still loving the process of following up.

With an increase in the number of juniors day by day, though the process is a dope, to maintain the follow-ups with everyone, it’s not being quite easy like it used to be.

I’m trying my best, but still, the frequency has gone down tremendously down. I have been figuring out a way to maintain the consistency with every individual throughout.

So, I just thought it would be great to be in touch with the ones who are really taking up the path to growing seriously! I have started implementing this a few weeks back and the productivity of the people who think to grow has increased a lot.

I’m able to see their speed and also I’m now able to focus more clearly towards their goal. They always keep me High and Motivated.

My suggestion for you, right now

Maintain juniors. It is very important for you to understand your upcoming generation! They are the ones who are your support! People of your age may not always want you to grow, but people younger than you may like to grow from where you have left your efforts when you were in their age, which in turn is a motivation for you to grow! They indirectly have the most part of your growth!

Hence, have juniors, take responsibility internally for their growth. Provide them with your values to grow. Do not worry if they do not take it up or did not follow, in the beginning! Keep guiding them until you see a significant effort put by themselves upon their growth.

Take care of this

Let them decide what their purpose is. We should not focus on what they want to do. You guide them to achieve success in what they aim for, not what you are good at.

If you think they are better for something specific which they may not be aware, bring that to their notice and watch them learn and adapt to their talents. Even after your efforts, if they tend to keep off your track, but still maintain consistent growth in their own thoughts, they are in their own way, which may be better than what we suggested them! It means you have done a great job, guiding them to choose what’s the Best for them!

Have a great time ahead!

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  1. Perfect Anna….keep going . It would be nice to have juniors like u. It will make us realise what our potential is. I will ofcourse follow the same from u.

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