Day 6 – Cycling Dope

Broke a juice glass., Drank Coconut with HD and started my journey…

Don’t exactly remember where all I went., But I know that I took totally a new path and it was Amazing to go through the Village scenes of MaraiMalai Nagar and Kattankulathur. Actually I planned to have a 5 or 6 kms ride today, as I rode after a long time! But I have no idea what made me pedal more and more. It is a dope. I Every new km was a motivation. Damn awesome. Got addicted for pedalling.

Yes I can feel the pain. But it is nice. I didn’t want the pain to go away. It was the best thing when there came a super turn at which I could slant nearly to 45 degree and enjoy the view. But I swear I don’t know how I kept riding until the App said, “Session Stats: … 7Kms … “. Then I managed to find a tea shop and had a cup of tea and a Bajji.


Totally strengthened, started my return ride superb. Totally focused to work.

Clicked a few pics on the way…

From the morning I was lonely in the room. Missed Sai and Raja a lot. Then this ride helped me to put my focus into the reality. Felt good too.

Called Sanu, to ask if we can meet. But he was in practice and didn’t pick my call. So I returned back to Abode. Sat in Juice Time. “Cheta., oru Milk!”. I sat with my Mobile, took a few pics and updated the Whatsapp status. Yeah,. totally bored. It seemed funny for some people. Haha., no problem! It is good to make people laugh. The story that I posted is below.

So, to sum up, the stats goes as below!

Managed to take a 13.53 Kms. Need to Keep this up and up!

Speed never matters. Distance and Time does. <3

12 thoughts on “Day 6 – Cycling Dope

  1. The Gypsy Hiker

    You must be tired after all that cycling, have a good rest 😉

    1. thina.gst

      Thank you! Yes I was tired. Now perfectly back to form.

      1. The Gypsy Hiker

        Take care man, nice to meet you. I mostly travel in Asia 😉

        1. thina.gst

          Wow! That’s great! Keep traveling., let me know if you come to Chennai, TN, India by any chance. 😀

          1. The Gypsy Hiker

            Yes I am now going to China, just came back from Thailand. India is actually my biggest dream 😉

          2. thina.gst

            That’s great to hear Vianney 😉

          3. The Gypsy Hiker

            Could you help me with a trip to India?

          4. The Gypsy Hiker

            I have one question. Tandoori Rotti the kin d of Indian pancake. Why do you have to eat with one hand, to take out a piece of the whole pancake with 1 hand? Or is this up to the person, because I am watching a video about a traveler in India, and he always takes it with 1 hand.

            ‘The Gypsy Hiker’

          5. The Gypsy Hiker

            Chennai where is this in India? 🙏🏽

  2. thina.gst

    Hi Vianney., Chennai is the Capital of Tamil nadu, which is a beautiful state in India. It is in the southern most part of India.
    You can visit here and you will really love this place!! <3

  3. arvindabi1995

    Racist thina!! Didn’t mention me in juice time 🙁

    1. thina.gst

      mm., Sorry da! Anyways editing now it not good! Midnight bloggings sometimes miss out a few things., Will take care form next time!! Thanks! 🙂

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