8 Micro Tips to Save Water

Great to get in touch once again with you all. This is something serious which I have been thinking to share. However, I wanted to practice to save water myself to boldly share it with you. Here are the 8 micro ways in which I have started practising to save water: Save & Provide Store

Academic Drama is a LBWD Activity

Context What I usually see is that people put their best efforts on Academics and tend to ignore the works which they like or what they’re passionate about. They are not yet aware of the LBWD activities, I guess. Anyway, you’ll do your academics as you are obligated to do it. So, why


This content is originally extracted from www.high4teens.in I’m sure every one of us has been screwed up by something. I’m sure everything that’s around you screws up you too in some point of time. Life is no unique in that aspect, other than the fact that it screws the most at our worst

Who is your Friend?

Hi Everyone., it’s Awesome to get in touch with you again in person. If you are thinking to find a friend or to know exactly who your friend is, this is not the post for it. In this post you will know how to classify the people you have around you. And to be honest,

Day 10 – A go on the Way!

Hurried to JavaGreen to meet the two buds. But wasn’t able to meet one. Then had to leave from there after a cup of Cold Milk. Left him alone to Abode and started pedalling towards Guduvanchery. Planned to touch 15 kms. Reached Guduvanchery station and “Tring., tring.!!”, phone