This content is originally extracted from www.high4teens.in I’m sure every one of us has been screwed up by something. I’m sure everything that’s around you screws up you too in some point of time. Life is no unique in that aspect, other than the fact that it screws the most at our worst

Who is your Friend?

Hi Everyone., it’s Awesome to get in touch with you again in person. If you are thinking to find a friend or to know exactly who your friend is, this is not the post for it. In this post you will know how to classify the people you have around you. And to be honest,

Day 7 – The Unexpected Go

Started the journey with the target of 14 Kms. Started with a half heart after speaking with my kids. I didn’t wanna let them go with the problems that they had. I wanted to stay with them. But finally I had to leave them and move on to my routine. The moment I reached Arch

Celebrate the New Year?

This is not to hurt anyone or to point someone out. Just read and think about it! Somehow everyone’s 2015 sprinted and passed the baton to the next runner 2016. It’s a relay race, and., there is no such winning in every baton change! But you achieve something in every run and make a