Day 8 – Early Morning Sprint

Morning!! Pleasant and beautiful breeze with the Sun peeping out, the best air to breath, I started my pedalling. Saw the people, the kids, the dogs and the cats. Haha., yes one of them was a Black cat and it crossed the road! Still the day is a success. Sprint! Seriously, the fastest cycling was

Day 7 – The Unexpected Go

Started the journey with the target of 14 Kms. Started with a half heart after speaking with my kids. I didn’t wanna let them go with the problems that they had. I wanted to stay with them. But finally I had to leave them and move on to my routine. The moment I reached Arch

Day 6 – Cycling Dope

Broke a juice glass., Drank Coconut with HD and started my journey… Don’t exactly remember where all I went., But I know that I took totally a new path and it was Amazing to go through the Village scenes of MaraiMalai Nagar and Kattankulathur. Actually I planned to have a 5 or 6 kms

Inspiration Day 1

Last night, he said… “Every night after Dinner, I pick my cycle, go for a ride (2-3 kms)”. “I come totally sweated, and take bath. And sleep fresh!”, he added. That gave me a pause and I asked myself, “Why did I buy cycle!?”. Today, when I tapped on my