Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy journey! Though it wasn’t so happy, it was adventurous ever and I’m glad I came through this!

A reminder for everyone here: When you are stuck at anything, you may not have a solution most of the time. They are out of control. So, instead of waiting for a solution, find an alternative and keep up your hustle!

Though I booked a bus in double the rate, I decided to take an alternative, as every bus I miss at that spot would delay further in reaching Chennai. Obviously, I was aware that there would be no extra seat. However, I’m supposed to take the bus.

A policeman helped in stopping the same company bus. Though they refused initially, looking at our dull and dozy faces, he agreed to pick up 2 people. Exactly 2 people looked urgent and we helped them board the first bus. The second bus picked 6 people. In the third bus 4 people including me, boarded. 2 or the males slept on the bus floor. The old lady sat on the conductor seat. The conductor slept on the engine. I took the seat over the driver seat.

That was not just exciting, but thrilling to the core! I could never feel comfortable in any position. The length of the seat was just half of my height. It was more of a bed than a seat. I could only lay down and couldn’t even incline at a larger angle to drink water. The worst part is that there was no passage for wind, lol.

It was a great realization about their travel!

A few more incidents on the way:

1. Off-Road Lorry breakdown — Mechanic was doing his duty at the best place to get the lorry back running.

2. Major On-Road Accident (🚗Car -🚌 Govt Bus-🚌Pvt Bus) — Govt bus hit a car from the back. A private bus hit the Govt Bus. Definitely, 10+ people had to end their life journey. All I could hear was the yelling and screaming of the ladies and kids.

3. Toll Gate fight, as the FastTag wasn’t working as expected. I’m glad, our bus had it well installed.

4. Almost 3 to 5 minor accidents weren’t looking so huge as we just noticed a major one.

Reached Vandalur and took an Auto to Home! Loaded with a lot of memories, publishing it here!

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