Have you heard of AEIU Matrix? I guess you wouldn’t have!

Every member of any team has a unique working style. We cannot ask everyone to respond the same way to any given scenario.

Many of us face this problem a lot, in our daily management of personnel. So, it is not going to be an easy task to concentrate based on their context and behaviour individually.

However, they are easily grouped under 2 different criteria, based on their Context (Aware/Unaware) and Behavior (Introvert/Extrovert). Something which would pop up is, all the people who are aware may (not) be Extrovert, and the vice-versa, right?

So, here is a matrix which I have named “AEIU Matrix”, which can help you to understand and segregate the people in your team. As such, you can provide your support and values specific to them.

It still requires a little effort manually. But it is better than being lost at managing multiple things.

Aware && Extrovert

The ones who do not need a push.

They take up their tasks and help the team themselves.

They pull the team along with them

Unaware && Extrovert

The ones who think that nothing happens in the team.

We have to make an effort to bring their attention to the ongoing works.

They have their own ideas, which may (not) be aligned to the team’s vision.

Aware && Introvert

They are a long term asset

They do the work that is assigned and ready to work on any given work

They require frequent pushes to take up new tasks

Unaware && Introvert

They are not so great asset for the team.

They mostly drag the growth of other Unaware people

They mostly speak at the back. Prevent this from the beginning.

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