What I usually see is that people put their best efforts on Academics and tend to ignore the works which they like or what they’re passionate about. They are not yet aware of the LBWD activities, I guess. Anyway, you’ll do your academics as you are obligated to do it. So, why don’t you better focus on your passion and keep your academics as your side work?

Let me explain with an example. No matter what, you have a default focus on Brushing, Bathing, Eating etc. These are the Least Bothered and Well Done activities (LBWD) Do you keep working on it every point of time for the whole day? You do other things and think about other things, have fun. But, when the time comes, you do your LBWD activities, right?

Similarly, in the longer run, I consider academics in the current system as LBWD activity. You guys know the reason for this. Comment, if you are in doubt. I can share that too.

Academics are LBWD!

No matter how much fun you have the whole semester, when it comes down to the exam, you guys sit up straight and put your efforts in learning. That’s a great effort.

Are you an 8+ pointer? Well, this may not be really apt for you. Because I have a 7.7!

However, my recommendations are as below (Read fully before judging) for anyone who is willing to start side work:

1. Attend your college every day. So that you get the best out of the internal marks you have for attendance.

2. Listen to your lecturers carefully. So that you have a context of the subject and also the chapters. This context is always important for your self-study.

3. Feel free to relate it to any personal, sociological OR psychological things you come across to your subjects. Scribble them down to grab a vision of your context.

5. When you are back to Home, leave behind the textbooks and explore the Trends related to the Subjects you have learnt.

This can ensure your growth. You know what? You do not have to do anything more than this for your academics! However, from an exam point of view, you have to put in some effort in reading the complete topics, at least once before the exam.

Now, what’s up with the side-work? I ask you to do the above steps because your subjects are very important for you because you have chosen to learn things in your department. So, you have to know those subjects. When you do the above consistently, you will have plenty of time for your actual learning. This is not going to be an easy thing. You gotta understand how to take your life as you like, by taking the way it screws you.

What I suggest you do?

examinations eradicate excellence1. Don’t just learn it for the sake of examinations. It just eradicates excellence. Read more about it on my previous blog.

2. Instead, get the context of the subject you learn and think, how does it really make sense.

3. If you think nothing makes sense to you, then no offence, I’m not sure why you have chosen the department.

4. Pick up the core subject you like. Understand how is this subject used in the real-time world. Find a mentor.

5. Connect yourselves to similar people on LinkedIn or any platform you know better than LinkedIn.

6. Follow their activities and Ask your questions. No matter if it is silly or ‘gilly’ question, always ask. Something which most of you may not be aware of is that a good mentor doesn’t judge any question to be silly. He understands your understanding of the subject and guides you from there.

7. Appreciate people who do great things in your field. You’ll get recognized as someone who admires. Always, people like when someone admires them.

8. Put in more time for this, than your actual academics drama.

Yes, I will call it a Drama until it starts teaching you “How to live and handle future?” instead of “Who did what and when?”. Though, understand that the basics are important, learning the basics just for the sake of writing the exams may not be important for everyone.

What else?

Not just with Academics, we have a lot of LBWD activities in our daily life. Figure it out and seek help from your mentors. Keep improving your online presence. Internet is where you will learn a lot more than what your college has limited for you.

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